List of my deficiency symptoms

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Here's a list of deficiency symptoms I've noticed during the past 10 or so years, many of which have changed or disappeared over time. Where blank, symptoms are no longer noticed. (Last updated May 2022) Nutrient (vitamin, mineral, etc.)Past deficiency symptomsCurrent symptoms Vitamin A dry eyes, dry lips, earache, verigo, acneVitamin B-complex (that is, B vitamins in general)bad facial skin, low mood, fatigueVitamin B3 (niacin)burning tongueVitamin B12fatigue, low mood, heels split open dramatically, headaches when taking vitamin b6 or iron, getting up at night to use loo, sweating, burning tongueBiotinhair fall, blurry vision, low blood sugar Vitamin Ceasy bruising, (also used to lower high histamine not caused by vitamin C deficiency)Calciumfacial numbness, insomnia, leg pain, anxiety, carb cravings/high cortisol, fatigue, joint painVitamin Dfatigue, insomniaDigestive enzymesbad digestionThese now make digestion WORSE. Explain…
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