Therapies I’ve tried

Updated August 2022. This blog originally focused mostly on self-experimenting with nutritional therapy, using supplements available over-the-counter (OTC) from healthfood stores. I have since widened my horizons. Here's a short intro to nutritional therapy if you're just starting out. The other entries here include products not available at retail stores, as well as energy work and, yes, two prescription drugs. See also these posts on bright light therapy, electrosmog reduction, lymph cleansers, perfume therapy, essential oils, and lead chelation (aka heavy metal chelation). 1. Acupuncture I luuuuuuurrrrv acupuncture, but I only saw results when I went to dedicated practitioners -- that is, people who took a few years to learn it, not a half-day course at a medical conference somewhere. There was a Chinese guy in Seattle, the kind with…
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Fun with lymph cleansers

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¬† Except for a few half-hearted liver flushes, I did not bother with detox treatments in any of my health self-experiments until I suddenly switched my entire focus to mold avoidance. I immediately started taking two binders (bentonite clay and psyllium) and a lot of water, as well as sweating for hours in the sun, and quickly discovered that anything more than this, detox-treatment-wise, was too much for my digestion (full stop) or my skin (my heels would split open) or my noggin (jitteriness and listlessness would worsen). So I rolled with the binders-and-sweating approach for a few weeks until I started feeling, every once in a while, for a few minutes at a time, fantastically frickin awesome. As in, just this side of a religious experience. I mentioned this…
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I tried to detox lead and all I got was this stupid vertigo

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I developed vertigo after my second dose of DMSA treatment for lead chelation. For the next four weeks I had trouble moving quickly, standing up, going down stairs, etc., with no signs of it abating. Eventually I happened upon a comment on a heavy metal detox forum (on Yahoo, where untold gazillabytes of valuable information are inaccessible due to craptastic design) indicating that some people can't process sulfur due to insufficient body stores of molybdenum. Most approaches to lead detox involve sulfur, and DMSA is a walloping dose of sulfur. In fact, one study I found says that eating a whole lotta garlic can chelate lead. So I took 2,000 mcgs (2 mgs) of Mo the next day and the vertigo was gone the following evening. More notes on molybdenum:…
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The summer of my frozen shoulder *

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In 2014 I stumbled on a staircase, reached out to balance myself against the wall, and was rewarded with a breathtaking pain in my left shoulder that I tried to ignore for a year. For all that time I was unable to raise my hands over my head to wash my hair, but because of the chronic exhaustion that colored my life for a good two decades, the idea of simply arranging a doctor's appointment was overwhelming, never mind a series of physical therapy sessions. By the summer of 2016 I had moved out of my moldy apartment and regained enough mental and physical stamina that I felt I could tackle the issue. I went to the local pride-of-the-town clinic -- globally-recognized, POTUS-praised, and nicknamed "The Machine" by my acupuncturist…
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The aftermath of bromine poisoning from a mattress

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Last updated July 2022. This was originally posted in January 2018. See also this post on eliminating bromine from my diet. For 18 months after I left my moldy apartment, I slept on inflatable mattresses while I bounced around looking for a permanent home. Finally I got sick of not having a normal bed and found a $200 mattress, one of those memory-foam, squished-and-rolled-up ones that come in a box in the mail, from a company that rhymes with Linus.  Lots of red dots It was very comfortable, and for a week I was quite happy. Then one day I noticed 14 red dots on my torso, upper arms, and legs.¬†These were the same kind of red dots I remember having as a child, and which years later I decided…
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Three months of reiki

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More and more health writers and bloggers, including the Low-Histamine Chef and Donna Jackson Nakazawa, author of The Last Best Cure, have found stress reduction to play a big part in their health recovery, and since my stress tolerance is pretty much in the toilet and getting worse, I decided to go get me some. I needed something reeeeallly passive. Meditation, yoga, and nature walks were too much for me. So were about half the service offerings at my local spa. Infrared sauna, various types of massage, and the flotation tank all require removing my contacts without a sink or mirror, or doffing and donning winter clothes in a tiny space, or showering in a tiny shower. I couldn't deal with any of that. I decided on reiki, which in…
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