Who this site is for

I am sharing my experiences using non-prescription health approaches for the benefit of anyone who has effing had it with mainstream medical care and needs more information about other approaches.

This includes anyone who:

  • is broke and desperate and needs better data about the value of a certain therapy
  • wants to hear about others’ experiences with a certain condition
  • wants to try a certain esoteric, far-out therapy, and is afraid of being conned, made a fool of, or laughed at
  • is trying to figure out HOW to figure out their medical mysteries
  • wants to see how other people do self-experiments or biohacking

If my self-experiments help out someone who has less patience, time, money, or stupidity than I, I have done my job.

Who I am

Not a doctor

First and foremost, I have no medical training or certification whatsoever.

I have poisoned myself with vitamin A and thrown up in my car while driving through an intersection after taking a possibly too-large dose of 5-HTP. I also once almost got my head wedged between two floors on a department store escalator.

Not that I’m equating medical expertise with intelligence or competence, mind you.

Just a self-experimenter

I was born in the mid-Sixties, the daughter and granddaughter of nutritional therapy self-experimenters.

In my 20s I used that approach to deal with restless legs on plane flights (folic acid) and carpal tunnel syndrome (vitamin B6). In my early 30s my health took a nose dive: I developed seizures, extreme insomnia, miserable digestion, hair loss, and a lot more. Environmental poisoning seems like a pretty obvious culprit now, but scores of medical appointments at no fewer than three different hospital systems accomplished nothing except light in me a burning mistrust and disgust with modern healthcare.

I’ve done it all

In attempting to fix these and other long-standing problems, I experimented with nutritional therapy, acupuncture, heavy metal chelation, mold avoidance, and dozens of other things. Since then I’ve regained a lot of my health, and my curiosity has led me to ever-more-esoteric approaches — did I mention the Harmonic Egg? Here’s an incomplete list of things my guest authors and I have tried.

102 posts in five categories

In 2011 I started documenting these self-experiments and forays into non-mainstream treatments. (Until 2019 this website ran under the name “Adventures in Nutritional Therapy.”) I have winnowed my original 158 posts down to about 100 and divided them into five topics.

What you will not find on this site

You will not find content about the Globetrotting Spiked Sphere on this site.


This content was originally published on March 3, 2012 and updated in May 2022, October 2022, March 2023, and April 2023.

Marjorie smiling, wearing an orange shirt.

Marjorie R.

Marjorie is the creator of AvoidingRx.com, a record of her and her guest authors’ experiences with non-prescription health solutions. She is a third-generation nutritional-therapy self-experimenter.