I have used this blog since 2011 to document my self-experiments and forays into alternative medicine treatments as I attempted to solve severe insomnia, fatigue, what I call “brain fog,” and a variety of other afflictions. (Until 2019 we ran under the name “Adventures in Nutritional Therapy.”)

Luckily, the internet now hosts a ton of data from people who walked the same path and made it to a better road faster and more cleverly than I. I am confident you will find them. The gist of their approach is to attack five environmental types of cleanup, all with materials available over the counter, at least in the US and Canada. The order of attack depends on your financial and living situation. (One might be impossible for some of you.) Eventually systemic inflammation is reduced enough that a clearer picture of your health emerges.

I have winnowed my original 158 posts down to 50-something, in six categories:

May the perfect data find you.

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