Scary leg pain resolved with calcium


Vitamin B complex, calcium, and magnesium resolved the aching bone pain that would start if I stood more than 15 minutes.

A row of mannequin legs form an abstract pattern.
(Illustration by MRhea)

Before my gluten-freedom (which commenced April 4, 1998) I became aware of a constant, aching bone pain in my legs that didn’t seem to be a tissue or a muscle or a joint thing. It was most noticeable when doing the dishes or standing in line at the airport.

In 2000 or so I realized that if I didn’t take vitamin B-complex, along with biotin and vitamin B12, for two days, by the third day my legs would hurt so badly my jaw would do that shaking thing. I’d start breathing in the kind of way that makes your fellow shoppers at the grocery store edge away from you. Since I took B-complex, etc. every morning for years, though, I sort of forgot about it.

At some point I stopped the B-complex and after several months it occurred to me that the leg pain had not returned. I figured it was the calcium and magnesium I had taken for about five months a while back. B vitamins assist in the absorption of calcium and must have been dragging enough calcium in to stop the pain while they were in my system, but not enough to create a permanent change.

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This content was first posted in August 2011, and updated in March 2019 and April 2023.

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