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Treating a UTI without ABX

Thank you, Irish chicks. In the summer of 2021, in an attempt to avoid crowded waiting rooms, I decided to investigate online a bit before visiting the doctor about a urinary tract infection (UTI). From the bottom of my heart I thank the Dublin ladies behind for helping me survive this ordeal.

Dog wearing a stethoscope and lab coat.

Managing the doctors

(Updated April 2023.) At a certain point in your health investigations you’ll discover that the majority of doctors will do the same time-wasting things over and over. This is especially maddening when dealing with a practitioner not covered by insurance. Here is a list of suggestions for getting the most out of a doctor’s visit.


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How to speed up your health research

(Updated April 2023.) I first started my self-experiments with nutritional therapy two decades ago, when internet searches for “XYZ deficiency symptoms” landed me on sites featuring iguanas, Yorkshire terriers, cockatiels, and, on one auspicious day, a Colin Farrell sex tape.