Menorrhagia, meet methionine

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After a disastrous niacin self experiment made me suspect that my liver is a shadow of its former self, I experimented with a selection of OTC supplements frequently mentioned in discussion forums on liver damage. Glutathione did nothing as far as I could tell, N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) and alpha lipoic acid (ALA) do not agree with me, and I was already taking vitamin B6 in the form of P5P. Methionine was the only other supplement I could tolerate. Within days the scariest of the liver symptoms had gone. After several weeks it became apparent that it also had a significant effect on my heavy periods. With 1500 mg of methionine, I had a manageable period, like a normal person's -- easier even than what vitamin K2 supplements did for me.…
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Six months using a sea sponge tampon alternative

W A R N I N G: Graphic lady-parts talk follows! Please, Lord, don't let me accidentally post this on my writing client's WordPress account, or 5,000 muscle car owners in Texas will get a nasty shock. In addition to the Niagarrhagia I documented last year, I've also been plagued by steadily increasing pain during my periods that started to get distracting a few years ago. It originally started a decade ago, but once I switched to organic tampons it went away for several years. This isn't the usual cramping pain, but a something-has-gone-very-wrong inflammation kind of pain. And of course a series of exams and fancy-ass tests with beeping, blinking machines revealed nothing. For a while the pain would start several days into the period. Then it started at…
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Update 9 July 2022: Here's a summary of what's happened since this I first wrote this post: Menorrhagia ended for me a month after I moved out of my moldy apartment, except for the following times: a four-week monster period (MP) a year later, when I started a new detox binder for mold. I think it was cholestyramine, which is a cholesterol prescription drug used for mold poisoning.another four-week MP when I started a detox binder for lead, in this case EDTA, which is basically a huge dose of sulfur.a five-week monster period when I hit menopause. But then again I was also eating unfermented soy and taking a lot of milk thistle supplements, and the MP stopped soon after I stopped those. So who knows. These experiences support the…
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