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A rolling landscape made entirely of yellow and white pills.

My experience with the Perfect Health Diet’s supplement plan

by guest blogger Steph Steph is maharani at Midlife Makeover Year, where she’s exploring new approaches to her health, diet, attitude, family life, and shoes, among other things. She is also one of my few commenters to refrain from mentioning w-bcam s-x, for which I will be eternally grateful. — mr When I went on ...

A stack of chocolate bars sit in a green liquid.

Get thee behind me, methyl bromide

For anyone out there wondering to what extent the pesticide methyl bromide builds up in our bodies, I offer my recent bromide-detox experience after I switched to organic chocolate. Iodine experiment strangely unproductive Seven months into my iodine experiment, I still couldn’t seem to lower the dose below 100 mg a day without losing its ...


Diagram of how various deficiencies can egg each other on

Soon after I discovered that typical guidelines about iodine are outdated and wrong (1), I came across information about vitamin K that made me realize the amounts I had been experimenting with were pathetically small. Also, it is possible that vitamin D supplements affect vitamin K, which for me would explain a lot (2). This ...