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A disfigured man in a long cape hovers menacingly over a cowering damsel.

Three months of reiki

(Updated April 2023.) More and more health writers and bloggers, including the Low-Histamine Chef and Donna Jackson Nakazawa, author of The Last Best Cure, have found stress reduction to play a big part in their health recovery.

Ancient Egyptian painting of women dancing and playing instruments.

Perfume therapy

(Updated April 2023.) After reading Alyssa Harad’s Coming to My Senses, about her discovery of perfume, I was inspired to set forth my own approach toward arming oneself against the world with scent. I rank perfume up there with recorded music and books when it comes to tools for mental health.

TMJ: a total PIA

I have never been officially diagnosed with TMJ. I’m just assuming that the term applies to the condition I experience every few years or so wherein sitting in one place longer than 20 minutes makes want to rip my jaw out and stomp on it. I keep moving it around, trying to get it to ...

On refusing to part with my gallbladder

by guest author Nancy — Editor’s note: Nancy died in 2021 at age 79, of unrelated causes. — From mild sensitivity to pain worse than childbirth The battle for my gallbladder started in 1999. I was living in Seattle and receiving regular monthly acupuncture treatments from a local practitioner, Yehosha. In my mind that was ...