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I can't speak to its other health claims, but I can say that my time in the Harmonic Egg helped to de-fry my nervous system.

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One of the trippiest and most pleasant treatments I’ve ever tried, the Harmonic Egg allowed me to get some of my peace of mind back after a long period of that good ole 2020s stress.

(I have no affiliation with the company.)

I must disclose here that I began working with a Somatic Experiencing practitioner at almost the same time, so I can’t really say which caused what part of the change I felt. I’ll split the difference and say they worked together. There’s the scientific method, and then there’s life.

A combination of five therapies

The Egg is a pod in the shape of a stretched-out dodecahedron and contains a cushy anti-gravity lounger and a good sound system. Its healing power is attributed to sound, light, and color therapies and to sacred geometry principles. The founder, Gail Lynn, has described many healings of long-term issues that had gone unresolved by mainstream medicine. Most issues require multiple sessions to address, which is pretty normal for all energy-healing modalities.

The light is a spectrum of blue and purple and fills the pod, but you are not expected to keep your eyes open during the session. The various soundtracks, chosen beforehand based on your goals, were created by Lynn and a composer. Some have nature sounds, some are all instrumental, etc.

Each session lasts 40 minutes, plus 10 minutes of silence before the pod door opens. The Egg sits in a soundproof room with darkened glass and feels very private. On my first visit, a jackhammer was going in the retail space next door, but all I heard inside the Egg was an occasional hum.

The first visit included a 30-minute tour and introduction by the owner. He also sat and talked with me after each session, but I don’t know if that’s normal.

My guinea pig’s report

I had my first feedback about the therapy from a friend in another state. Before her first session, she had learned, after a three-week wait for news, that a potentially disastrous medical diagnosis was a false alarm. Her comment afterwards was that the Egg seemed promising as a way to calm the nervous system, but that a regular series of treatments would be needed.

My first session

I was 35 minutes into my first session before I started feeling my nerves unwinding. Or to put it another way, the perpetual AAGGGGGHHHHHHHH! scream in my head turned off. Then 15 minutes later, when the pod opened, the old frayed-and-frazzledness snapped back with a zzzzzzzzip sensation.

I described this to the owner, who said I’d probably need several sessions to work on that. Almost a year later I finally arranged four visits in two months, and that was indeed what I discovered.

Weird stuff in session 2

I don’t know if all Harmonic Egg operators share this detail, but this one mentioned that it is not unusual for clients to have far-out experiences such as visions. Sure enough, within 10 minutes of the start of my second session, I had what you could call a hypnopompic dream. I was standing outside in a very different environment, on top of a mini version of the platform that the anti-gravity chair sits on. Three boisterous and very wild animals rushed me and knocked me over. I was not chewed on, so I decided it was a welcome committee. It was brief but amusing. (Here are other experiences I’ve had with “waking dreams.”)

Gotta go with the right frame of mind

With one exception, each week I was able to relax more thoroughly, more quickly. However, I arrived at one visit rushed and distracted and was not able to calm or quiet my thoughts, and was mad at myself during and afterwards.

I enjoyed the sessions and was excited to go to each one, which in and of itself is good for the soul. Needless to say, it’s not covered by health insurance.

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