A few ways to simplify your life if you’re energy-challenged

In the years I had to deal with limited mental and physical energy, I made some adjustments to my life that were individually small but added up to make a significant difference in my sense of well-being. Some of them I adapted from the various "lifestyle design" books I've read over the years. Basically they involve exerting a little more control over your environment to remove daily irritations that become mental burrs in your brain. 1. Get over the idea that Money Already Spent trumps your Time and Effort. Learn how to translate expenditures into physical and mental terms. If you spent $250 on a Turkish bathrobe, but it's so heavy it unbalances the washer twice every time you wash it, that physical output requirement plus the mental irritation lower…
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Rx, OTC, diet-, and needle-based ways to treat hypothyroidism

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Last updated July 2022. Also see this post on how iron interferes with thyroid meds. It took me two years from the time I first suspected I had thyroid problems to get treated for it. I was very tired, had a weird, periodic hum in my body as if the ship's engine on "Star Trek" was running in the background, was unbelievably cold outside in the winter, and my hair felt like it had an electric current running through it. But my test results from my traditional doctors, who were only looking at TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone), always came back normal. When I read that ideally other markers should be looked at as well (e.g. T3, T4, etc.) I asked for those tests, but they, too, came back normal. (Here's…
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A mystery that’s getting really old:
perpetual exhaustion that isn’t chronic fatigue

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Update July 2022: Mold avoidance, lots of sun exposure, and beef spleen supplements got me back to normal functioning, although not athletic-level functioning. Here's a very short description of what I did to recover from mold poisoning. The content below was last updated December 24, 2013. After reclaiming a huge chunk of my health with some major diet changes, I was so busy enjoying my new peaceful existence that it was two years before I started worrying about the disappearance of my energy. I had gone from sprinting up 50 stairs at a time and biking in snowstorms to being passed on a mountain trail by a pregnant woman in high heels. (I was too demoralized to ask her why she was wearing pumps in a national park.) If I…
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