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Dog wearing a stethoscope and lab coat.

Managing the doctors

At a certain point in your health investigations you’ll discover that the majority of doctors will do the same time-wasting things over and over. This is especially maddening when dealing with a practitioner not covered by insurance. Here is a list of suggestions for getting the most out of a doctor’s visit.


Cracks in the facade of a modern hospital building.

My second alterna-doc disaster

When I was unable to convince my regular alterna-doc that I was hypothyroid, I made the mistake of returning to the only other major alternative medicine practice in town, a Den of Incompetence I had sworn never to visit again. Dr. Dumbass had left the practice and I convinced myself that my earlier experience was ...

A maze of cubicle offices.

The disaster of my first alterna-doc experience

When I first realized that nutritional deficiencies cause health problems, I had a brilliant idea: I should get tested for nutritional deficiencies! The problem was that in 1999 none of the traditional doctors I had seen believed in deficiencies or that gluten played any part in health problems for people who tested negative for celiac, ...