GABA, GABA, GABA, hey the ringing’s not so bad anymore

In this 2011 post I referred to a ScienceDaily report linking low GABA levels and tinnitus. Since then I've used GABA for nine months or so? in two different formulations, but for sleep issues, not specifically for ear ringing. In fact I kind of forgot about the tinnitus thing. But now I can share the following. The first day I tried plain old GABA, in maybe a 1,000 mg dose -- I don't piddle around -- the ringing cut out completely, with a sort of wwwwwOP! sensation, for about a minute. It does that every 18 months or so anyway, but still. The straight GABA made me sleepy but, as I mentioned here, made it hard to breathe. (Now I'm wondering if this was because I wasn't taking it with…
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