A few more tips on the alkaline diet

by Nancy See Nancy's earlier post on the battle for her gallbladder. Here's what I've picked up in the 16 years I've been using the alkaline diet to control my gallbladder problems. Some of them I've been taught by a wonderful, non-mainstream acupuncturist I've used for many years. Alkaline/acidic food lists vary from source to source. Even so-called experts seem to confuse acidic foods and acid-forming foods. Some foods which are in themselves acidic, such as lemons, are actually metabolized in the body as an alkaline -- that is, they're alkaline-forming. The information about coffee is a good example: some lists say it's good for your gallbladder and some say it's bad. Here's what I've found. Coffee is quite acidic. I love coffee. I have one mocha a day (organic,…
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