Can’t tolerate a supplement? Try an alternate formulation

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Updated August 19, 2013 If a trashed liver, freaked-out nervous system, or fried digestion makes you super-sensitive to various supplements, you might try another delivery method or formulation. These are the ones I know about, although I do not have experience with all of them. Let me know if there are others. See also the post on badly-designed supplements. iron --> lactoferrin. This doesn't seem to require as much processing by the liver. magnesium --> magnesium spray or epsom salt baths. Absorb it through the skin and bypass those pesky organs. vitamin B6 --> P5P. You'll read all over the place that 1 mg of P5P equals 50 mg of vitamin B6, but that never helped me at all in figuring out dosage. Nor did taking a small amount of…
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