Stopping sugar cravings with essential oils

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As mentioned in this February 2013 post, my sugar cravings -- usually in the form of a particular ratio of chocolate, fat, and sugar, but occasionally reaching batshit levels where I'll eat a pint of ice cream while standing in front of the fridge -- have been extremely resistant to my nutritional-therapy tinkering. 5-HTP worked like a miracle for a week, then gave me splitting headaches and insomnia, and vitamin B6 got my cravings down from insanely bad to the usual infuriatingly bad, and that's about the extent of my success. Out of curiosity more than hope, I clicked on a Kindle link to Break Sugar Cravings or Addiction, Feel Full, Lose Weight: An Astonishing Essential Oil Method by Kathy Heshelow. The book took me all of 20 minutes to…
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All my cravings remembered

Updated 2/07/2013 Since junior high at the latest I have had constant cravings for chocolate. I have tried a million things to make it stop, with little success. Strangely enough, it wasn’t until my 30s that I started having the kind of carb cravings normal people have — potato chips, pizza, etc. I still do not experience those anywhere near as often. I’m now inclined to believe that the cravings are a spectrum, and that the Lays and Fritos urges are at the really bad end, when whatever causes the cravings gets a lot worse. In the name of science, I performed a self-experiment, repeated twice, wherein I kept eating chocolate until I didn’t want anymore for the rest of the day. That’s how I discovered that my chocolate thing…
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