The heartbreak of stupid fingernails

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February 7, 2013: I later had some success with vitamin D3. Updated February 6, 2012 Growing up I'd watch movies set in the heyday of the manicure, the 1930s to the 1950s, and then I'd look down at my own bendy, shallow, round nails and I'd think, whyyyyy? When I got my first full-time job I splurged on French-manicured, squoval artificial nails and enjoyed them thoroughly despite being laughed at by the guy giving me riding lessons. Eventually the cost of filling them every three weeks got to be too much, so I abandoned the habit. I'd bet those nail salon chemicals are still in my system, plotting their oncological revenge. Going gluten-free brought me no nail improvement. Over the years I did notice some of the classic nutritional correlations:…
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