Find out if your doctor is getting money from Big Pharma

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Thanks to Beyond Meds' 9/8/11 post on the updated ProPublica database, I was able to check all the doctors I've seen over the past five years to see if they've received money from pharmaceutical companies. The ProPublica database has information from 12 companies about $760 million in payments over the period 2009 to 2nd quarter 2011. Two of my doctors were in the database. The insomnia specialist received $185,000 in one year from Pfizer for research and the GI surgeon received $133,000 in speaking fees over two years, also from Pfizer. I'm not sure a GI surgeon who DOESN'T foist drugs on you after you've had your bowels sliced open is someone I'd want to meet. As for Dr. Insomnia, he did say he had no further ideas for me…
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