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Three brass bells.

GABA, GABA, GABA, hey the ringing’s not so bad anymore

In this post about tinnitus I referred to a report linking low GABA levels and tinnitus, and then forgot about until I tried it for sleep. I used GABA supplements for nine months or so, in two different formulations, for sleep issues. The first time I tried plain old GABA, in maybe a 1,000 mg ...

Three brass bells.

Tinnitus: a product of low GABA?

(See my March 24, 2013 post for results of my experiments with GABA supplements.) According to this ScienceDaily article on a new study about tinnitus, when a hair cell is damaged or dies, the neurons usually receiving input from it keep firing anyway, even though there’s no data coming in. They “become more excitable and ...