A gold-plated stethoscope.

Find out if your doctor is getting money from Big Pharma

Over the years, I’ve used the ProPublica and the more recent Open Payments public databases to see if any doctors I’d visited had received money from pharmaceutical companies. The ProPublica and Open Payments databases I first learned about the ProPublica database from a 2011 post at Everything Matters (formerly Beyond Meds.) That database is no ...

Three brass bells.

Tinnitus: a product of low GABA?

(See my March 24, 2013 post for results of my experiments with GABA supplements.) According to this ScienceDaily article on a new study about tinnitus, when a hair cell is damaged or dies, the neurons usually receiving input from it keep firing anyway, even though there’s no data coming in. They “become more excitable and ...


Diagram of how various deficiencies can egg each other on

Soon after I discovered that typical guidelines about iodine are outdated and wrong (1), I came across information about vitamin K that made me realize the amounts I had been experimenting with were pathetically small. Also, it is possible that vitamin D supplements affect vitamin K, which for me would explain a lot (2). This ...