Supplements can differ in effectiveness by brand

by guest author M.E. Initial success for mild arthritis The first brand of glucosamine sulfate I tried for early arthritis symptoms cleared them up after just a few weeks. It was a “house” brand at a local drugstore chain. Let’s call it Brand A. After a year or two I noticed that the store’s house supplements had all new labels. A nice new look. But a month or so later my arthritis signs were mysteriously returning. Tracking suppliers like a hound dog Some phone calls determined that the chain had switched suppliers, but the old manufacturer also supplied another chain in my area. I was soon back on the original formulation and within weeks I was back in shape. Stroke of luck: a second brand works When this retailer dropped…
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TMJ: a total PIA

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I have never been officially diagnosed with TMJ. I'm just assuming that the term applies to the condition I experience every few years or so wherein sitting in one place longer than 20 minutes makes want to rip my jaw out and stomp on it. I keep moving it around, trying to get it to fit together in a way that will stop the dull pain that spreads into my cheeks and face. After the last miserable episode of this during a layover at the airport, which found me contemplating how one goes about locating strangers willing to share their prescription opiates, I looked TMJ up online. The TMJ page on Sandy Simmons' Connective Tissue Disorder site mentioned magnesium, so I added that to my daily regimen. I also began…
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