Therapies I’ve tried

Updated August 2022. This blog originally focused mostly on self-experimenting with nutritional therapy, using supplements available over-the-counter (OTC) from healthfood stores. I have since widened my horizons. Here's a short intro to nutritional therapy if you're just starting out. The other entries here include products not available at retail stores, as well as energy work and, yes, two prescription drugs. See also these posts on bright light therapy, electrosmog reduction, lymph cleansers, perfume therapy, essential oils, and lead chelation (aka heavy metal chelation). 1. Acupuncture I luuuuuuurrrrv acupuncture, but I only saw results when I went to dedicated practitioners -- that is, people who took a few years to learn it, not a half-day course at a medical conference somewhere. There was a Chinese guy in Seattle, the kind with…
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Mark Hyman on functional medicine; plus: diagram your way to health!

diagnosis and testing
(Updated Sept 2020.) In this TEDMED 2010 Talk, Mark Hyman, MD describes functional medicine and how he came to embrace it after his health tanked following a perfect storm of stressors. Among other things, he had mercury poisoning from a year of living in China. (Here's his TEDMED Conference bio.) At about 8:09 he displays a diagram of how his health problems interacted and manifested themselves. Here's a screenshot: He starts in the center with what he thinks caused everything, then makes a separate circle for the resulting nutritional deficiencies and for the digestive, immune, hormone, energy/mitochondrial, and detoxification (liver and kidneys, I guess) symptoms that arose. I'm not sure what the dotted lines indicate. Maybe he was just doodling. Although I once drew a diagram of how I think…
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