A mystery that’s getting really old:
perpetual exhaustion that isn’t chronic fatigue

symptoms and conditions
Update July 2022: Mold avoidance, lots of sun exposure, and beef spleen supplements got me back to normal functioning, although not athletic-level functioning. Here's a very short description of what I did to recover from mold poisoning. The content below was last updated December 24, 2013. After reclaiming a huge chunk of my health with some major diet changes, I was so busy enjoying my new peaceful existence that it was two years before I started worrying about the disappearance of my energy. I had gone from sprinting up 50 stairs at a time and biking in snowstorms to being passed on a mountain trail by a pregnant woman in high heels. (I was too demoralized to ask her why she was wearing pumps in a national park.) If I…
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