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Happy trails, Seth Roberts

(Updated April 2023.) A farewell to author-blogger-self-experimenter extraordinaire Seth Roberts, who died in April 2014 at 61. Seth’s review of my blog in December 2011 increased my traffic by about 19,000 percent.


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Menorrhagia, meet methionine

After a disastrous niacin self experiment made me suspect that my liver is a shadow of its former self, I experimented with a selection of OTC supplements frequently mentioned in discussion forums on liver damage.


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Six months using a sea sponge tampon alternative

Please, Lord, don’t let me accidentally post this on my writing client’s WordPress account, or 5,000 muscle car owners in Texas will get a nasty shock. In addition to the Niagarrhagia I documented last year, I’ve also been plagued by steadily increasing pain during my periods that started to get distracting a few years ago. ...


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GABA, GABA, GABA, hey the ringing’s not so bad anymore

In this post about tinnitus I referred to a report linking low GABA levels and tinnitus, and then forgot about until I tried it for sleep. I used GABA supplements for nine months or so, in two different formulations, for sleep issues. The first time I tried plain old GABA, in maybe a 1,000 mg ...


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GABA as a painkiller

Last year I wrote about the abdominal pain that started in 2008 and was a mystery to a dozen doctors. I finally learned to stave off the worst of it by eating small meals, avoiding starches, and not eating after 6 p.m. Eventually things improved and I was able to eat later and later in ...