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A disfigured man in a long cape hovers menacingly over a cowering damsel.

Three months of reiki

(Updated April 2023.) More and more health writers and bloggers, including the Low-Histamine Chef and Donna Jackson Nakazawa, author of The Last Best Cure, have found stress reduction to play a big part in their health recovery.


A posterized photo of a man's face.

Happy trails, Seth Roberts

(Updated April 2023.) A farewell to author-blogger-self-experimenter extraordinaire Seth Roberts, who died in April 2014 at 61. Seth’s review of my blog in December 2011 increased my traffic by about 19,000 percent.


A small aircraft in a tailspin and trailing smoke.

Discussion forum misinformation

(Updated July 2022.) Some of us still remember when “regular” people were dressed, coached, prompted and edited before they were allowed to appear on any wide-reaching media — on TV or in newspapers or magazines.